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I have been creating jewelry full time since 2006. Something I would have never thought that I would be making a living at doing, so I have to thank my daughter, Jennifer.

You see it all started with a wedding. Jennifer was getting married and I had no jewelry to go with the dress that I was to wear. I found a picture of a Swarovski Crystal necklace in a bridal magazine and inquired as to its cost.

Well, can I say that, it was well out of my price range. So I picked up a pattern at a local craft shop and about $75.00 of Swarovski crystals and countless hours later, I made the necklace. It was beautiful and I received so many complements on it that I just had to make more jewelry.

About 6 months later I had made enough jewelry for my first show. I pride myself in being a self-taught artisan, loving beautiful gemstones and fresh water pearls.

My goal, with every customer, is that they receive a piece of art that has been lovingly made into beautiful jewelry at a reasonable price with quality materials.

Donna Klimas