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About DJs Jewelry

About DJ's Artisan Jewelry & Accessories

I have been creating jewelry full time since 2006. Something I would have never thought that I would be making a living at doing, so I have to thank my daughter, Jennifer.

You see it all started with a wedding. Jennifer was getting married and I had no jewelry to go with the dress that I was to wear. I found a picture of a Swarovski Crystal necklace in a bridal magazine and inquired as to its cost.

Well, can I say that, it was well out of my price range. So I picked up a pattern at a local craft shop and about $75.00 of Swarovski crystals and countless hours later, I made the necklace. It was beautiful and I received so many complements on it that I just had to make more jewelry.

About 6 months later I had made enough jewelry for my first show. I pride myself in being a self-taught artisan, loving beautiful gemstones and fresh... Read More

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Customer Service

Shipping, Return Policies & Care

How soon will your order be shipped?
3-5 Business days.

How does it come in the mail?
Items are shipped USPS and insured

How do I care for my Jewelry?
All jewelry whether it be 14kt Gold filled, Brass, Copper or Sterling Silver, avoid wearing in the pool, Jacuzzi or when washing your hands Do not shower with jewelry or apply lotions, or perfumes over jewelry.

How do I clean my Jewelry?
Buff gently with a clean, soft and dry cotton cloth.
Do not use jewelry cleaner on Fresh water pearls or 14kt Gold Filled jewelry.

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Necklace Lengths

Below you will see the approximate lay of a necklace on the body.

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